Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Scultpure Sculting the Sculptor. Sculpting for a better brain

I stumbled across a very interesting article while I was researching on how the brain develops when you are a sculptor and the benefits of it. Since I knew that knitting helps for arthritis in your hands, why not the sculpting helping the brain.

This article The sculptor and the statue 

Some studies have shown that sculpting can help improve motor skill: Horizon states "Data obtained so far in trials studying the mind’s role in improving rehabilitation of movement after a stroke or in the treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder, for instance, is suggestive that the mind plays a very key role indeed." 
I have found that sculpting is really helping me with my Photographic memory. Right now I am studying to become a licensed tour guide in the city of New York. By sculpting my photographic memory has been more active. I find that I can see in my mind a map of Manhattan, but this also comes with studying, keep in mind that sculpting has cut studying time by half at least for me.

Back to the article
 They say that the sculpture can sculpt the sculptor. In my opinion: this can be true because the sculpture is coming from the sculptor, therefor whatever the sculpture represents is going to reflect the sculptor. One aspect I have analyzed from sculptors is that they have a unique way of sculpting. I can show you my techniques of how I sculpt, but you are not really in my mind to know exactly what I am thinking or what I am feeling, these might be really insignificant attributes to look at, but by doing so you create a brand of yourself, the sculpture can represent you in so many ways and can make you. The Sculpture can say so much about a person I can't even begin to describe it. One thing I can say for sure; I love how it represents your knowledge and creativity level. 

ooak baby head sculpting