Sunday, May 15, 2011

Baby Fingers and toes.

In this post you are gong to learn about Baby Fingers and Toes.

This is a link to a wonderful art website I bumped across while I was checking for more information on Ron Mueck: Hyperrealism


Here we have Baby hands, the most difficult part of a body to draw (According to me). The most logical measurement I could come up with for the fingers was measuring the palm of their hands. NOW some newborns are going to have their fingers little longer, my guess: that's due to genetics.


A Baby's foot on the top is going to be divided into 3 portions. Basically their little toes are going to be 1/3d of the top of their foot. The bottom will be divided into 4 sections as shown with foot number 1. Their big toe will be almost equal to two of their little toe. shown above. Foot 1

FOLLOW THIS BLOG FOR MORE TIPS daily May 16-20, 2011, will be learning how to make Babies in polymer clay form. Here are a few links to amazon to buy Polymer clay.

      This is the brand I use for Polymer clay. they are actually cheaper in amazon than where I buy mine. I usually blend the white one with the beige.

ooak baby head sculpting