About me

Hello Everyone

I usually get people from all around the world. First let me thank you for viewing my blog, I hope you (ALL) find it useful.

I started this blog  to force me to learn more about sculpting. And not to lie I also did it as a hobby that I love. I found out about polymer clay babies when I was looking for reborn dolls and how to make one, and got infatuated with them.

I have always love art, but the culture that I come from discourages it. They basically find it to be a waste of time. SOOO I decided to show myself off in a way that I can make them double think about it. BY PROVING MYSELF TO ME first and showing off my talents too.

I graduated from college in  the fall of 2009 from Hospitality Administration (I LOVE anything to do with accommodating people) sooo that was my first choice. Due to my financial status I was not able to pursue a minor in the Arts. I am basically self-teaching myself at home how to sculpt. By selling several things on eBay I was able to raise enough money to become a licensed Tour guide in New York City. I am just beginning my Journey into the real world. I am soon to be working for CitySights, I am already training for their tours.

ooak baby head sculpting