Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Scultpure Sculting the Sculptor. Sculpting for a better brain

I stumbled across a very interesting article while I was researching on how the brain develops when you are a sculptor and the benefits of it. Since I knew that knitting helps for arthritis in your hands, why not the sculpting helping the brain.

This article The sculptor and the statue 

Some studies have shown that sculpting can help improve motor skill: Horizon states "Data obtained so far in trials studying the mind’s role in improving rehabilitation of movement after a stroke or in the treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder, for instance, is suggestive that the mind plays a very key role indeed." 
I have found that sculpting is really helping me with my Photographic memory. Right now I am studying to become a licensed tour guide in the city of New York. By sculpting my photographic memory has been more active. I find that I can see in my mind a map of Manhattan, but this also comes with studying, keep in mind that sculpting has cut studying time by half at least for me.

Back to the article
 They say that the sculpture can sculpt the sculptor. In my opinion: this can be true because the sculpture is coming from the sculptor, therefor whatever the sculpture represents is going to reflect the sculptor. One aspect I have analyzed from sculptors is that they have a unique way of sculpting. I can show you my techniques of how I sculpt, but you are not really in my mind to know exactly what I am thinking or what I am feeling, these might be really insignificant attributes to look at, but by doing so you create a brand of yourself, the sculpture can represent you in so many ways and can make you. The Sculpture can say so much about a person I can't even begin to describe it. One thing I can say for sure; I love how it represents your knowledge and creativity level. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sculpting a baby Foot

BABY FEET How I sculpt my baby foot


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Baby Torso Sculpting

This Post shows you how I add the torso to a polymer clay mini baby

Did you know that a Baby's torso grows more rapidly than their arms and legs.

Adding the baby ears to a sculpture (mini)

Adding the ears to a sculpture miniature


Did you also know that our ears can be used in forensic facilities to determine our age.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Progressive Pictures of ear Sculpting.

Here I have Sculpted an ear.
This progressive slide gives you an idea on how to sculpt human ears.

Did You know that the human ear is a visible anatomical Organ, and that our inner ear helps us keep our valance.

Monday, May 16, 2011

preparing to Start your baby.

How I prepare myself before beginning my OOAK baby.


I Love to use and re-use, use an old peace of clay to clean lint off your hands. BUT first clean you hands, I love to use dish-wash soap like Dawn (the one I use.), Above also you will see Beige polymer clay and white. That's because I love to blend those two, for some reason the white is softer than the beige colored one. Blending them will create a softer option to work with.


I blended a little bit of white and ended up with clay way to light. I decided to add more beige to it.

After I am satisfied with my color choice for the skin, I take my pliers and craft wire and make a straight armature for the baby's head and body.


Add Aluminum paper to the top of your single armature. Take a piece of your clay and make sure when you take that piece of clay for the head, that you leave enough clay for the body.

Preparing for Creating Your Polymer clay baby

My TOOLS for sculpting

My Sculpting tools

I took a Picture of my tools for sculpting. I think that the 12th piece is great because they are tools from end to end, is like having 24 tools in 12 saving space and time. There are some tools that I have to buy to make my life easier when making the Polymer clay babies. That includes more of those clay sharper (they are a time saver for making skin folds.

These are some colors Premo! Polymer clay has to offer as I have mentioned before I always mix some white into my beige clay for better looking baby. I have yet to try the Translucent one (can't wait to try it).
premo! polymer clay

Baby Torso


In this post you are going to learn about a baby's torso legs and arms.


A baby's body is simple and right up to the point. His length it going to be 4 heads from his original head. and this also applies for newborns as well.


A baby's arm can be up to one head and a half.


and his legs are going to also be up to 1 head and a half.
Keep following this Blog to learn more about baby's anatomy soon after how to practice it on polymer clay.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Baby Fingers and toes.

In this post you are gong to learn about Baby Fingers and Toes.

This is a link to a wonderful art website I bumped across while I was checking for more information on Ron Mueck: Hyperrealism


Here we have Baby hands, the most difficult part of a body to draw (According to me). The most logical measurement I could come up with for the fingers was measuring the palm of their hands. NOW some newborns are going to have their fingers little longer, my guess: that's due to genetics.


A Baby's foot on the top is going to be divided into 3 portions. Basically their little toes are going to be 1/3d of the top of their foot. The bottom will be divided into 4 sections as shown with foot number 1. Their big toe will be almost equal to two of their little toe. shown above. Foot 1

FOLLOW THIS BLOG FOR MORE TIPS daily May 16-20, 2011, will be learning how to make Babies in polymer clay form. Here are a few links to amazon to buy Polymer clay.

      This is the brand I use for Polymer clay. they are actually cheaper in amazon than where I buy mine. I usually blend the white one with the beige.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Polymer clay baby on Ebay



Adding BABY ears

In this post you are going to learn about the placement of a baby's ear.


This work of art is by hyperrealist sculptor Ronald,"Ron" Mueck, My personal favorite sculptor from now times. He was my inspiration to start sculpting. This photograph is part of one of his Big Baby collection. I have yet to see his collection in person, but I will be checking when it comes to New York City.


Since this is a Scale model I have decided to use this wonderful sculpture to show you where the ears of a baby is placed. Basically is going to go one eye down, and the end of the ear is going to be placed right above the mouth as shown above in red.

Baby hands and feet

In this Post You are going to learn about a baby's hands and feet, for your polymer clay baby


This Baby is sitting and it was the most accurate picture I could find of a baby to show you how big the hands and feet are. When Drawing or Sculpting a baby's hand you should know that a baby's palm is as big as his mouth area as shown above.
Now in some of my sculptures I like to exaggerate things a little like the hands and feet like this one: NOW up for bid on eBay:



A baby's foot going to be as long as his mouth line (see Head Post for reference) so Basically 3 mouth. as you can see his foot is going to be as wide as his half face starting from his eye down to his cheeks or his chin.
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ooak baby head sculpting