Monday, August 29, 2011

The grasping hand

Have you ever wonder why is it that babies are  almost always sculpt with a grasping grip. Well according to Darwin's evolution theory our closest ancestors are monkeys. Can you imagine that Monkeys!
In the bellow pictures you are going to see monkeys grasping their mothers fur. Even though a human baby's grasp is not as strong as a baby monkey's or simian, the reflex suggest that this instinct is still present. Opening gently a  newborns (infant) hands they will grasp their tiny hands around yours.
The Baby Grasping reflex start to disappear by about the 2nd month of life, this is due mainly because by the 2nd month a baby's brain is rapidly developing to become more of a human (more independent) :-).

Chimpanzee Infant in Captivity, Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, Ngamba Island, Uganda, Africa

Chacma Baboon Carrying Young, Hluhluwe and Umfolozi Game Reserves, South Africa

Baby Sumatran Orangutan, Indonesia

Sumatran Baby Orangutan, Pongo Pygmaeus, Indonesia

Intern at Minneapolis General Hospital Examining Throat of Newborn Baby

Nurse-Midwife Maude Callen Shows Smiling Alice Her Newborn Son

ooak baby head sculpting